About us

Back in 2005, young enthusiasts founded the Gear Games Company. Today our team counts more than 100 developers passionate about games, especially the RTS genre. We've been creating engaging and unique mobile games that have become real hits. At the beginning of our journey, we created the world's first-ever RTS game for feature phones — Art of War. Since then, we have released several games of the series that have become a hallmark of the Gear Games company. All over the world, millions of gamers daily play Art of War 3: Global Conflict, which is the hugest classic real-time strategy game for mobile devices. We are proud to note that the game has become a worthy successor to the RTS genre on mobile devices. We are working on a new mobile classic RTS game in a fantasy setting — War Legends. In it, we have implemented all our years of RTS experience. You can even now join the most epic battles in open beta testing on your iOS or Android mobile device. We are excited to develop games we love. We have high hopes you will love them too.


Office 207, One UAQ Building, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), PO Box 7072, Gear Games Global FZC
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